Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Season Finale (Spoiler Alert!)

I don't watch a lot of TV.

I don't.

I listen to a lot of TV.

I'm not sure why I need to qualify that, but I do.  I'd hate for people to think I sit around all winter eating bon bons and watching crime shows.  It's just not like that; I get a lot accomplished.

I only turn the TV on for the noise.

I hate this time of year because it's season finale time.  All of my favorite characters, those who have kept me company all winter long, dump me during the summer months.  To make matters worse, they get themselves into some kind of terrible predicament and leave me hanging wondering if they're going to live or die.

Kate Beckett got shot on Castle.  It looks like she's dead, but I'm not going to mourn until it's confirmed on the first episode in the fall.  Castle finally told her he loves her, but she was probably too close to death to hear.  Nuts, I've been waiting to hear him say that for three years.  I bet he wishes he hadn't waited so long.

Steve McGarrett didn't really murder the governor on Hawai Five-O.  He was framed.  But logic tells me if he's convicted the show will be over and the first season of the remake will be it's last.  Steve will be back.  So will Dano.  He still needs to "book 'em".

Blue Bloods ended with a conclusion instead of a cliff hanger, and I'm grateful.  I'm glad Tom Selleck can relax and have the summer off without having to wonder who murdered his son.  I figured out the Blue Templars were responsible a long time ago, why didn't he?

Brother.  You'd think he'd be a better investigator after all those years as Magnum P.I.

I'm still waiting to see what happens on the last episodes of NCIS, NCIS LA (did Heddy really retire?), CSI and The Mentalist (will Jane catch Red John?).  I won't be home those nights, so it's a good thing I have my DVR set.  I'd really hate to miss the reasons I'll need to watch these shows again in the fall.

Oh, wait.  I don't watch TV at all.

I listen.

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