Friday, March 25, 2011

The Smartest Dog

A while back, one of my coworkers found an interesting list on the internet.  It rated 70 breeds of dogs by intelligence.  Her dog, a healer, was in the top five.  My dogs, lhasa apsos, weren’t. 

They came in at a stellar 64. 

I might have defended their honor if I thought it was possible.  It really wasn’t.

The first lhasa apso I ever saw was absolutely adorable.  His name was Ewok, and he looked just like one.  I knew that was the breed for me.

Rosie was my first.  She was the most beautiful puppy I had ever seen.  Her personality, however?  Not so much.  She was very conceited…much like a cat.  If she chose to sit on your lap, it was because there was something in it for her.  She never came when she was called, and every chance she got she ran away to the neighbor’s house.  She would scratch on the door and they would, of course, let her in. 

Rosie insisted on Rosie's way.

Despite her arrogance and selfishness, I do believe she is in Doggie Heaven.  Her three litters of pure-bred puppies enabled us to pay for several mission trips to Mexico

Did you know dogs are saved by works, not by grace?

Nike was an absolutely beautiful lhasa.  He had the sweetest temperament, and he could sit up on his back legs for hours.  I suspect that was because he was too stupid to realize he was uncomfortable.  Sadly, he was the dumbest dog in the history of the world. 

I would give you examples, but you just wouldn’t believe me.

Unfortunately, Nike was a one woman dog.  And when that woman went off to college, he just couldn’t cope. 

I hope his sweet temperament earned him a place in Heaven, because the last year of his life would have qualified him for an eternal destination with a very hot climate.

Daisy is the best lhasa…actually, the best dog…I have ever had.  She’s adorable, sweet and cuddly.  She wants to please me and I like that.  She does tricks; when I say, “Praise the Lord!” she barks. 

I think that is very spiritual.

My other dogs had an annoying habit of barking when I came home, and Daisy had picked it up.  When she became an only dog, I decided to break her of it.  I keep a box of Scooby Snacks by the front door; if she doesn’t bark at me, she gets one. 

The problem is, if I take too long getting my coat and shoes off, she barks.  So I hurry.  Faster.  And I give her a treat. 

If she’s busy outside and still comes when I call her, she gets all excited and wants a treat.  So I give her one.

After she goes for a ride in the car, she runs in the house and barks expectingly at the treat box.  She's such a good dog.  Of course she gets a treat. .

And I suspect if there was a list rating the intelligence of those living in my house…

She would come in at number one.

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