Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Red Shoes

My friend showed up at church one Sunday with a really nice pair of red shoes.  Like, nice...the kind that cost $100.00 or more.

I realize that might not be a lot of money to spend on shoes for some people.  It is to me.  But I had recently tweaked my back hauling heavy boxes around at work and the chiropractor told me I needed better shoe support.

Besides, I wanted red shoes.

I went down to the spendy shoe store in town to shop.  I couldn't find the exact pair my friend had, but I bit the bullet and walked out of the store with a pair much like them.

The shoes started bothering me right away.  I tried to get comfortable in them, I really did.  But they didn't fit right, they were too short.  I had spent too much money to let them sit around and collect dust, so I took them with me when I visited my daughter a year ago.  They didn't fit her, but my sister was there and she loved them.  She was delighted to get the red shoes.

Shortly after I returned home, my daughter let me know my sister had forgotten to take them with her.

The red shoes sat in my daughter's closet for a year.  And when I visited last month, I found them sitting prominently in the room my sister and I would be sharing.  When we were packing to leave, I reminded my sis not to forget them.  She said there was no way she had room in her suitcase.  So, I brought them home.

I wore them yesterday, and they were really comfortable.  My friend noticed them, too.

"Nice shoes!" she said, "I really like that color of brown."

I think tomorrow I'll go shopping for a pair of red shoes.

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