Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Girls' Night

Last Friday night a couple of girlfriends came over to hang out.  I love a night with the girls every once in a while.  You just never know what we're going to find to entertain ourselves. 

I must admit, this past Friday was particularly wild; we got a little carried away.  We bought fabric online, looked at quilt patterns and ate ice cream. 

I'm glad the neighbors didn't complain.  We probably wouldn't have heard the police knock above all the noise.

When the girls arrived, I was in the middle of a project and fully focused.  I hollared at them to come in, and they did.  We bantered back and forth while I finished what I was doing; I'm ashamed to say I wasn't paying very close attention to them.  Finally, my gaze was drawn to something I hadn't yet seen.  One of my friends had gotten her hair cut.

I must admit, I gasped out loud.

It was a really big deal.  I've known this woman most of her life and I don't ever remember her cutting her hair.

It was stunning.  Bold.  New.  Refreshing.  I couldn't believe what a difference it made in her appearance.  It made her look much more mature...which I wouldn't want, but she was pleased.

I think her new 'doo makes her look at least 9.

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  1. I read your blog about me, thank you Kathy! - Kelsey :)