Monday, June 13, 2011

Old Blue Eyes

Summers where I work can be pretty quiet.  That doesn't mean I have nothing to do, trust me, I have tons.  But we operate with a skeleton crew, so the daily traffic coming and going is much less than during the school year. 

Today I was the only part of the skeleton that remained.  I held down the fort. 

Please don't comment on what part of the skeleton that would make me.

I missed having somebody to talk to, so I turned the radio on.  That didn't last long; the commercials drove me bonkers.   Desperate for some noise, I started scouting around for CDs.  I found a Mozart compilation that came dangerously close to coaxing my eyes shut.  I ejected that one in a hurry.

One of my coworkers enjoys folk music; I found one of her CDs.  I discovered quickly that I can only take a limited amount of uber twang.

I hope she's not reading this.

I finally found a generic CD that had Old Blue Eyes written across it in permanent black marker.  I realize I'm only 50, but I do know who that is.

I spent the afternoon tapping my toe and dancing in my ergonomic chair.  I was actually surprised at how many of the songs I knew, mostly because I've heard them on movies.  I had no idea that Frank Sinatra is the one who made them famous.

I don't know a whole lot about Frank.  I know my mother swooned over him back in the day.  He was a member of The Rat Pack, though I'm not sure why that is so significant.  It's also suspected that he had mob ties.

Oh, and he had blue eyes.

I imagine back in his hay day Frank never would have dreamed his music would one day be treated so irreverantly.  I mean, a CD that had been copied?  Black marker?  It's kind of sad.

I suppose it doesn't matter, I still enjoyed it.  But...I wonder what he would say.  I googled him and found out he died in 1998, so I can't ask.

That's okay.  I'll just wait a few years and ask Justin Bieber.

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  1. I do love his music.

    There was a man at work, and I used to tease him, and call him "old blue eyes".... he wasn't much older than me.

    Then... he became my boss. He was as sweet as honey, but not as sweet as my husband.