Saturday, April 16, 2011

When Flowers Speak

One rose, one friend says, "You're special, and I'm thinking of you today."

One rose is sweet.

Two roses, two friends say, "We talked about your birthday and wanted you to know we care."

Two roses are wonderful.

Three roses, three friends say, "We really wanted your day to be special."

Three roses are surprising.

Four roses, four friends say, "Better clean up your office because you're expecting company."

Four roses are motivating.

Five roses, five friends say, "Give up counting, girl.  We're going all the way to 50."

Every time I looked up, there was another friend coming in my office door. My coworkers put yellow duct tape arrows on the floor to help direct the traffic.

It was overwhelming.  It was humbling. It was validating.

It was a parade of love.

42 roses, 42 friends say, "You are an important part of our lives."

The roses are unbelievable.  And they smell really good.

She had been scheming for months.  She took time off work, she bought a plane ticket to Alaska.  She got up at 3 am to catch her flight.  It was a huge surprise.

The last roses, brought by one incredible daughter say, "Mom, do you understand how much I love you?"'

50 roses.  One very special day.

And I will never forget what they say.


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