Monday, April 4, 2011

Comfort Food

I find the human psyche mystifying.

Well, at least my human psyche is mystifying.  I shall refrain from commenting on yours.

I just don't get how my mind has the power to affect the physicality of my body so dramatically.  Seems to me they should have two separate data bases.

For example...why in the world do I want vanilla ice cream every time I'm sick?  Vanilla ice cream does nothing for a cold or cough, it just adds to all that extra stuff in your head you want to get rid of.  If you have an upset stomach and you feel like you might hurl, eating vanilla ice cream will guarantee that you do.  Doesn't matter, I want it anyway.  It simply makes me feel better, even if it makes me feel worse.

It's comforting.

I always have the same thing for breakfast.  You may think that's boring, but I find great comfort in the consistency of boring breakfasts.  I go through phases...right now I'm in an oatmeal with applesauce phase.  Hey, it's not just me. My son used to want the same thing for breakfast every day, too.  I'm not sure he does now, I'll have to ask.  Maybe his wife has been successful in breaking this hereditary malfunction of his human psyche.

Go ahead...blame me.

Occasionally I make a box of macaroni & cheese. (Yes, there is a $20 gluten free version.) All that butter and cheesiness reminds me of afternoons when my kids were little.  I remember giving it to them in their alphabet bowls and watching them eat it with their stubby little alphabet spoons.

I add some freshly cracked pepper to it now.  We've all grown up.

Cookie dough...yum.  It makes me happy, even though my intellect knows it may give me food poisoning.  Poached eggs on toast, scrambled eggs with cheese, mushroom omelets...eggs are just the right thing to do sometimes.  And vegetable beef soup with corn bread makes me feel cozy for no reason.  It just does.  And don't even get me started on grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup...I'll end up holding my favorite blanket and sucking my thumb.

I find it unfortunate that something as physical as eating can make my emotions feel things.  Seems like that's all it should do, but it doesn't stop there.  My comfort foods tend to have a negative affect on my very physical waistline. 

But I just can't find solace in a carrot stick.

Can you?

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